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Get a live data analytics view of the industry's supply, demand, and pricing data of polished diamonds, as well as for your own business inventory.

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The DPL is the first interactive price list of its kind, offering users easy price selection features and time saving calculations.

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The DPL is based on a clear, objective and transparent methodology, and is uninfluenced by interested parties. It uses the largest data set of asking prices in the world and delivers a price list that is both accurate and reliable. Your diamonds, your prices reflect our promise to remain completely objective and openly transparent.

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The most advanced, easy to use, diamond-price calculator:

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The DPL™ continually collects and monitors vast volumes of relevant data points to accurately reflect real-time polished market pricing.

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Artificial Intelligence

The DPL™ team develops and optimizes advanced AI models to mathematically calculate the price list by translating real world data changes.

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Whilst data capture and analysis are continually performed, DPL™ follows the Industry’s custom for only periodic updates of price cchanges.

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