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The DPL was designed and built by a separate, dedicated team within Lucy Platforms, a leading developer of e-commerce platforms for the diamond industry and is accessible to all members of the diamond trade at the Methodology Page.
Lucy has created sophisticated online sales and management solutions, including unique B2B e-commerce platforms, that assist diamond traders in creating and managing their online presence. DPL’s team consists of experienced software developers and product managers as well as expert mathematicians and statisticians with vast experience in building complex systems for commercial and military use as well as for unique technology units.
Lucy Platforms is a proud member of the Amazon AWS start-up program.

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Objective + Reliable

DPL’s A.I algorithms are programmed to follow strict, clear and transparent methodologies to ensure data integrity. This will be third-party verified by an independent expert institution.

Smart + Accurate

The DPL is based on advanced Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science, optimized to mathematically calculate and reflect current market pricing in the most accurate and objective manner.

Accessible + Transparent

The DPL and its methodology are transparent and accessible to all members of the diamond trade.

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